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Heritage Plus Financial, Inc.
13211 Jones Road
Houston, TX  77070
Office: (281) 894-0499
Fax: (281) 890-1329

Our Company:

When Heritage Plus Financial was founded in 1988, the primary mission then and now was to always pursue the question, “Which are the best methodologies to use in order to strategically and economically solve any potential problems our clients may encounter to be a strong support and ally, always helping meet their needs making life/business flourish for our clients?”

Heritage Plus Financial specializes in working with start-up and small companies. We are a Small Business Specialist. We focus on the numbers, so you can focus on your business. We will help establish and register the correct legal entity to ensure a tax savings structure, execute your full-cycle business bookkeeping, meet your payroll and accounts payable deadlines, maintain your corporate books, file your quarterly reports, accurately prepare and timely file corporate and individual tax returns to avoid penalties, watch your personal and business tax savings and planning to safeguard the wealth you accumulate, file a correct W-4 form to ensure tax liability is met, and provide estimated tax vouchers to offer security in responsibility.

Achieve the advantage of efficiency, so your business will grow. Our company is open year-round, so we can be there for your company. Our company has been in business for over 24 years because it is, indeed, a business in itself. A business owner of another product or service simply does not have the time to meet all of these required deadlines, for the health of their company, on their own and still focus on growing their company. We can help you succeed.

Our clients enjoy flexible after-hours and weekend office appointments to accommodate their business schedules as well as regular business hours, and a more affordable fee schedule contingent upon transaction volume rather than an hourly rate.

We are privileged to serve generations of families and pride ourselves on having built our business primarily through referrals.