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Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

Tax Preparation & Electronic FilingWe’re here to help.  Preparing your own taxes can leave you with more questions than answers due to ever-changing tax laws to correlate to ever-changing situations in your lives from year to year.  It is a mandatory yearly requirement which can leave you frustrated and over-whelmed because it creates a time-constraint when you have to tend to the management of your already busy work and lives.

Even with the help of software, there is more of a beneficial value of having an experienced tax professional prepare your taxes for you to ensure every new tax deduction and credit are applied to create the best advantage for you.  It’s your money. Let us help you keep more of it rather than give it to Uncle Sam and take advantage of the current laws the IRS allows the taxpayer to receive as extra money for support and incentives. 

It could literally mean thousands of dollars more you receive; don’t navigate this course alone.  Please give a call to us.  We would be delighted to prepare your tax return for you to ensure every tax savings strategy for you is considered according to current law.

For our current clients and once you become a returning client, tax preparation is as simple as dropping-off or sending your documentation to our office and returning for tax return review and signature.  (Rest assured we’ll call you with any questions.)  Your tax return is complete! 

We’ll e-file to the IRS, and the IRS will direct deposit your refund into your specified account.  Should you owe the IRS, you should still prepare your taxes early, and we can just specify to the IRS that you elect to pay on April 15th.    

For new clients for the first year, please come in for an appointment to ensure we have documented all of the requirements by the IRS and brief us on your particular situation so that we may have the pleasure of getting to know you.

  • Your tax return calculations will be checked and rechecked by two different experienced tax professionals to ensure you have received the most advantageous strategy for you according to the allowable law and reconfirmed with software to guarantee zero mathematical errors.
  • Our tax advisors will be watchful and recommend adjustments to payroll withholding so you can keep more money.
  • There is usually a 24-hour turn-around for IRS Acknowledgments.
  • We will call you to pick up your copy of your tax return for your private file.   
  • You are always welcome to come by, call, email, or fax to get in touch with us for anything you need at anytime.  We may post standard business hours; however, we’re always here.